Printed Teardrop Banners and Flags

Introduction To Teardrop Banners


Flags and banners have always played vital role in the business world for many years. There are used in various occasions such as sports, sate occasions and special the business world today, these banners and flags can be used in almost any activity from golf tournaments to grand openings. They can also be designed in different shapes and sizes depending on customer’s preference.There are some notable difference between flags and banners. A flag has metal rings fitted on fly end. It also flies horizontally of a flag pole whereas a banner is fitted with sleeves instead of metallic rings. It hangs off a wooden pole fitted on an office or house.

Business flag signs

There are various types of flag signs one needs to be familiar with. One of the signs are teardrop banner flags. These types of flag signs have gain popularity over recent years. They have unique shapes and can be used in both indoor and outdoor signs. Their materials are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The next one is feather flags which come with various size variations. They can be printed on both sides. Feather flags can spin around as well as flap in the breeze. National style flag is the last business flag sign we will look at. They come with a standard rectangular shape and can be attached to poles.


Types of custom banners

A vinyl banner is one of the custom banners. It is mostly used in both indoor and outdoor occasions. They are also printed depending on one’s specifications. One great thing about these types of banners is that it comes with different sizes hence can be used from small to big events.

Decorative banners can be used to highlight special occasions. If you are business dealer and frequently engage in dealership, then going for a custom dealership banner will be nice. City events are also put into consideration through customization of avenue banners.Such banners are used to highlight forthcoming as well as events which are going on in a particular city.Outdoor banner is another type. They are essential for any outdoor occasions.


Types of custom flags

The first type is indoor flag. Indoor flags are used in indoor events where they can be hanged on the wall or other specific places. One can be customized depending on the size of the event as well as the information which want to be passed across. The next one is garden flags which are specifically designed to highlight wonderful gardens. Boat flag is another type where it is printed to highlight on boats. Feather flags are also becoming popular and are used to highlight various outdoor events. Another form is the stick flag where are commonly used in games and parades.


Factors to consider before buying a tear drop banner

Color is a key factor. Before settling on the color, one needs to put into consideration his firm’s traditional color such as the one which is on the logo. The next one is size of the roll. This will be determined by size of the project you are intending to engage in. bigger projects require bigger roll size. Text to be printed is another important aspect to look at. One should have in mind what will be printed on the flags and banners.


Benefits of teardrop banners and flags

Cost efficient is the key benefit. They can be used interchangeably which helps to cut down costs. Banners and flags can also withstand harsh weather due to their fabric. This is essential for outdoor events.

They are also available in various shapes, sizes and designs which enable one to choose any specifications. Transportation is not difficult since they are not bulky.


Guidelines and rules regarding flags and banners

There are rules and guidelines that are put in place to regulate their usage. Offensive content should not be printed on banners. They should also be in context of its main purpose. Banners and flags should be erected or hanged for a specific duration of time. Highly reflective banners are also discouraged. A detailed map showing where banners will be displayed should also be availed to local councils.



Banners and flags are part and parcel in today’s world as far passing of information is concerned. Many business organizations have shifted gears in using this form of advertisement line to reach to their potential. As discussed, banners and flags have various benefits which outweigh media advertising such as cost. When thinking of corporate events, put printed teardrop banners and flags into consideration.